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On June 10th, 2020, in Hanoi, GamaLift Joint Stock Company launched the Community Activities Fund, marking a milestone on the road of achieving corporate vision according to the company’s core values: Integrity, Dynamic, Creativity, Aspiration, Beneficial for the community.

On behalf of Gama Group’s Board of Directors, Mr.Nguyen Hai Duc – Chairman of the Board of Directors signed a decision to establish 3 operating funds, including:

– GamaLift Humanitarian Fund
– GamaLift Education Fund
– GamaLift Sports and Culture Fund

GamaLift Humanitarian Fund will focus on disadvantaged situations in society with practical volunteering programs and activities. The GamaLift Education Fund will be awarded to students with excellent achievements, studying in the majors: Architecture, Construction, Engineering, … The GamaLift Sports – Culture Fund will promote, support and maximize the development conditions of social sports activities through the form of tournaments and sponsorship programs.

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Speaking at the ceremony, Mr.Nguyen Hai Duc, General Director of GamaLift said: “We often wonder:” What are we here for? ” The purpose of life is to be productive, to be meaningful to others – that is our family, friends and, broader, the community. All members of GamaLift understand and move towards that noble spiritual value. ” Starting from June 10th, 2020, GamaLift launched the Humanitarian Fund through a free heart surgery program for children with congenital heart disease under treatment at E Hospital. Moreover, on July 25th, 2020, The GamaLift Cup Table Tennis Tournament will be held, bringing together many design, architecture, construction and press agencies. Sharing with the community has long been a cultural aspect of GamaLift. By sharing the common life attitude of people who share the same direction of “The true – the good – the beautiful” value, each GamaLift’s member harmonizes his/her unique “self” into the goals – aspirations of the company.

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